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This is the handout I distributed at the Mad and Noisy show. FYI

Much of what we read, whether it’s the Bible or the latest environmental impact report puts forward the notion that humankind is somehow apart from the rest of creation. What could do more to promote this idea than Genesis 1:29 “…let them have dominion over the fish of the sea… …and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth”.  This hubris is not universal. Other “less developed” societies see themselves as part of nature, charged with living within its constraints.

To the extent that we in the developed world accept that human activity threatens our existence, we cling to the notion that today’s technology can solve the problems caused by yesterday’s technology. Faith in technological solutions feeds the chimera of limitless growth.

I did my first aerial photography in 2007 and I was immediately struck by the way the earth’s physical features were echoed in the human figure. River bends can mirror shoulders, knees and elbows and old mountains can undulate like a body at rest.

This series of images is my reminder that we are not just like the earth, we are the earth. We rise from it and will return to it, and whether we walk its surface or fly miles above it, we are still part of the earth.


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