I also distributed the following explanation of my process. If you’re interested in more details, contact me at

My Technique – Gelatin Transfer


  • I start with a board onto which I affix textured metal foil. The foil is then coated with layers of clear acrylic varnish.
  • The images, which are photo collages of my own photography are electronically manipulated and printed onto a plastic film which has as a base a layer of gelatin.
  • I then flood the foil board with gelatin and place the image on top. The two layers of gelatin (the one on the board and the one onto which the image is printed) merge.
  • The plastic film is lifted away, leaving the image on the board.
  • Once dry, the image can be completed with pen, brush or airbrush
  • Two final coats of acrylic varnish seal the pigment and provide the sense of depth.


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